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Pure silk tinies

For those of you interested in miniature needle felting with silk (or wool!)..The technique for silk is much the same as that used with wool. Though as silk fibres are much finer, stronger, and don't naturaly 'wet felt' they felt best in miniature with fine felting needles. The end result is something tiny that is much denser and more realistic than wool usually gets at this size.

The little needle tool is designed for this close-up detailed "in-hand" workwith wool or silk ( using the finer gauged needles with the silk, coarser gauge with wool) They are handcrafted using a tough composite wood clay for the handle,coloured glass beads identify the gauge/size. The tip/needle is the same as on the long needles only just the felting barbs are exposed. They are not refillable but are less prone to breakage as there are no size graduations in the metal. ( this is also helpful for a nice finish on your larger work as they can't be poked in to deeply leaving the 'pock marks' on your surface that is common with the longer needles.)

If you'd like to try them, and or play/create with yummy hand dyed silk, just click on the picture:)

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